“Traces of Living Memory” – Debi Oulu

A site specific art.  Part of “Once I was a House” project in Cesarea, Israel – December 2012.

Traces of Living Memory – Debi Oulu in collaboration with Avivit Ben-Zur

Within the walls of the house live countless memories of the people who inhabited it.    The house will soon be destroyed, and together with it, the residual memories contained in its walls. This installation is about bringing these traces of memory out for everyone to see one last time.

In a crime scene the detectives used to draw chalk outlines of the dead bodies to mark the exact position in which the body was found.  The body is then removed and we are left with only the outline.

Photo’s of the outline are taken, and placed in a file – the last visible trace of evidence.

When the house is destroyed in January what will remain of the memories?

This project brings the past into the present in a visual form of memory – moments before its physical destruction.






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