About the Artist

Debi Oulu is a interactive artist involving the spectator into her art in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose.  Oulu does this through a wide variety of materials and mediums. Her roots are strongly based in sculpture. Her recent works involve  installation, light sculptures, and community based art. She continues to explore the way in which art can be a dynamic multi directional conversation between people. Oulu brings much honesty and humor to her work.


Born in the United States, Debi Oulu received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from the University of California, San Diego. After traveling alone for over a year in the far east, she moved to Israel. She worked as a 3-D animator, and Web Designer.  Oulu continued her art studies, first under the direction of artist Yehezkel Cohen, and then at the Midrasha Art School. After her formal studies, she continued to develop her art under the mentorship of professor of art, Henry Lee Anderson, in his casting foundry. Recently she has completed a years study of community based art at Shenkar School of Art and Design.

Her work is a constant exploration of art as a form of communication. While exhibiting in galleries and exhibitions, her favorite venues are alternative "non-art" spaces. Bringing art into contact with people in everyday settings such as bus stations, schools, public streets , and night clubs.

She has exhibited in Israel, Italy, Australia, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Los Vegas, and Canada. for a complete listing of her shows and links, please see below.