Treasure Art – Hunt for Original Art

Treasure Art – is an anual urban treasure hunt for free art.

Combining the elements of place, education and games within our local community, we hope to initiate a new kind of relationship with art…

This project is completely non-profit, and everyone involved in the production of it are volunteers.  We do this to help further the concept of art being accessible to everyone.

Treasure Art V is the brainchild of Debi Oulu who has developed the concept and produced the project for the past five years, together with the help of many volunteers.

The concept is simple,  Artists show thier art in a gallery for one week, afterwich there is an Urban Scavenger Hunt where if people find the “coins” with the number of the art piece on it, they can come back to the gallery and receive the art as a gift/prize.

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Treasure Art V.

March 15-23, 2018

Exhibition, Treasure Hunt, Art Auction, After Party

Free event, chance to win free art.


Opening Exhibition

Thursday, 15 March 20:00-24:00, Cuckoo’s Nest Gallery

Opening exhibition of original artworks by 100 artists.  100 art pieces to be given away in the game on March 23rd, and 100 art pieces to be sold at very reasonable prices. Free event.  Cuckoo’s Nest Gallery, Noam 3, Jaffa Tel Aviv.  The gallery will be open for viewing 15-23 every evening 19:00-24:00.

Hunt & Auction

Friday, 23 March from 10:00 -17:00

100 original artworks by 100 artists will be given away as part of an urban treasure hunt game in the streets of Jaffa, to be followed by an Art Auction in the Gallery.  Participation is free and fun, with a good possibility of winning one of the 100 art pieces. 

How it works:

Coins numbered 1-100 will be hidden in the streets of Jaffa.  The higher the number, the higher the value in the Auction. People hunt for the coins, with the help of different clues. Each coin found guarantees the player will receive one art piece. Players can hold only one coin in their hand at any given time.  Players can switch a lower coin for a higher coin if they find them. Afterwards, an auction will be held in the gallery using the coin found.