Treasure Art – Hunt for Original Art

Treasure Art – is an anual urban treasure hunt for free art.

Founded by Debi Oulu and Mati Ale, it was originally designes after Free Art Friday, where art work was made on Magnets and hid throughout the city for people to take and find.

Four years later, Debi Oulu has since developed the project into what it is today. 

The concept is simple,  Artists show thier art in a gallery for one week, afterwich there is an Urban Scavenger Hunt where if people find the “coins” with the number of the art piece on it, they can come back to the gallery and receive the art as a gift/prize.

2017’s slogan is: 60 artists, 60 pieces of original art, 60 new owners. 
Who are we?

Debi Oulu (Producer, Manager, Founder), Mati Ale (Founder), Kalia Pissarro-Stern (curator), Yoni Danzinger (Artist Liason), Naama Gilad (Artist Liason), Judith Yanos (documenter/photographer), Irit Caspi (editor and translator), Ori Pilo Kerman (gamer)

Would you like to work on this project with us? Contact us. We would love for you to join our team. We need help in PR, networking, curating, contacting the artists, helping with the opening and party, assistance on day of event.

Together and with the help of many other people, this will be the Forth year for MathTLV (Magnetic Art Treasure Hunt)/ Treasure Art, and we believe it will the most successful one yet!

YO-MA 2014

YO-MA 2015

YO-MA 2016