“The 7th Floor” – Graffiti and Street Art exhibition.

This is a definite must see exhibition!  There couldn’t be a better venue for street art!

below you can see pictures of most of the art, but really, it is worth seeing in real life since the scale is so magnificent.

I was honored to participate in this event with an interactive art mural. for more info on that you can go to my gallery here.

below the pictures is information about the exhibit etc….


The BIGGEST EVER GRAFFITI AND STREET ART EXHIBITION IN ISRAEL is happening on the top (7th) floor of Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station! Open to the public from 15 June 2013 to June 2014.
the exhibition is open:
From Sunday to Thursday 5:00 to 23:30
Friday through 16:00
Saturday from 15:00 to 23:30THE 7TH FLOOR is a non-profit project which aims to raise public appreciation of street art by displaying some of Israel’s best graffiti artists (and guest-artists from abroad) in one of Tel Aviv’s busiest venues: the Central Bus Station. Over 1000 square meters of color, images and texts have been sprayed, painted and stenciled by dozens of artists on the concrete walls of the building’s 7th floor, where thousands of passengers enter and leave the city each day.More than an exhibit, this project aims to change the attitude of local residents and other Israelis and tourists toward the neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv where Israeli street art flourishes. We want to transform the Central Bus Station in the heart of this area, from a symbol of urban blight into an open museum that residents can be proud of, attracting art lovers from around the world.
Curators — אוצרים:
Oz Madar עוז מדר – Tlv Street-arts
Mati Ale מתי עלה – Ilovemystreetart.com
PR/Community Relations — קשרי קהילה לפרוקיט:
Michael Alexander – מיכאל אלכסנדר hapesoti@gmail.comARTISTS PARTICIPATING: אומנים משתתפים בתערוכה
Pil Peled–Maya Gelfman–Yotam Shifroni and Gil Naamati ( YOGIL)–Shell Uno–FOMA–Oum kultuv–Nitzan Mintz–Imaginary Duck–Signor Gi–Adi Sened–baby ke–Max Rynke– Murielle Cohen–latzi–Slamer–Dioz–Faluja–untay–Natalie Mandel–ARC DLP–Ross Plazma–Regio–Dana Dector–UTRO–Zak Shiff–Mas–Monster–Spin B7–Sliz–Omega crew~Shoe,Sowk,Hero– karma kartel crew~Keos,Kore,Nesca,Krash–Debi Oulu –AM–Dale-r–Sorie–Marian Boo–Ori Gami–Kipi–Pixels Ninja–Holy Era–&BE&–Utro–Ha Ha–Dreck–Lehavi–MAD.’ THE SEVENTH FLOOR Graffiti and Street Art Exhibition is opening in Tel Aviv’s Central Bus station, on Saturday, June 15 at 13:00. , Entry from Gate 43 on Levinski St (corner Tsemah David St) and follow signs up to 7th floor.
The exhibit will be open to the public for a year, until June 2014.articles:


****************amendment!  This exhibition is now a permanent exhibition and new artists are adding their work all the time.

yoni danzinger



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