Talking Vaginas

Debi Oulu Produced and Curated a group exhibition called “Talking Vaginas” in August 2017, in Jaffa Israel.  Over 40 artists of different disiplines participated in a three week exhibition of interactive art, pop-up store, performances, and lectures … all about the vagina.  Oulu felt it was time to start talking about it, and thats what she did in this exhibition.  With over 500 people at the opening alone, this exhibition created ripples in Israel, and there has been much demand for a repeat. 🙂

Art exhibition, shop, workshops all about Vaginas

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“Talking Vaginas”
Group Exhibition, store, and workshops – all about the Vagina
Opening: Wednesday, August 2nd 20:00-24:00
Cuckoo’s nest, Noam 3, Jaffa Tel Aviv
Curator & Producer: Debi Oulu

DJ Zahavit Glantz with a sexy groove. 
Interactive Dance Performance by Ann-Christin Tanz.
Seductive Dance Performance by Sindhu Karen Sara.
DJ Tal Bluver in a special after set.
… and many more surprises. 

6 Interactive Art Installations that will challenge your senses.
Artists: Aya Shwed, Avivit B.Z., Anna Dokhman, Hila Avhael, Debi Oulu

***Pop-Up Store – Everything for and about the Vagina ****
Art, clothes, jewlery, accessories, candy, books, natural feminine hygiene products, and more – all at reasonable prices. Perfect for a gift to yourself or someone else (Tu B’av is August 6th)

Artists in Store: 
Shoshke Engelmayer , Shredder, Moran Sol Broza, Sharon Avraham, Ella Manor, Ofer Zick, Lika Filtser, Yahel Ragonis, Forno Magazine, Amikhai Sharfstein, 
Lihi Karni, Yaakov Blumenthal, Debi Oulu, Victoria Koren, ARC D.L.P – Oz Madar, Boaz Balachsan, bytheway, Dana Laor, Dina Segev, Eldad Pnini, EREZOO, Eyal Chururg, Hila Sheleg, Johnny Eyal, Lee Mason, Lord of Lords – LOL, Meytal Yarkoni, Micol Brunelli, Nanaastami, Romy Aqua Seil, Shelly Sol, 
Zivink, Smadar Regev Agmon, Anna/R/Ky – Adi Ron, Yarden Weidenfeld, Meital Bar Natan / Mootalle’, Maayan Sophia Weisstub, Noa Barzilay, Sivan Katzenellenbogen

**Workshops, performances, and other events***
August 6th (Tu B’av) – celebrate an evening of the senses. Through taste, sound, feel and smell. more details to follow. 
August 7th – meet the artists, talk about sex and technology, talk about the mysteries of the female orgasim, and talk about “Stop the War On Our Vaginas”. details to follow.
August 19th – closing event – evening of poetry slam, vagina tatoos, and much more.

**Warning** This exhibition is recommended for all ages and genders, however there will be graphic sculptures, paintings and photographs of the Vagina.