Festival de Cine Erotikos

Erotica is something that stimulates the mind and stirs the body. Celebrating a genre of film often overlooked, the first-ever international Erotikos Film Festival will take place September 15-22, 2012, at the notorious Super-Inclusive Hedonism II Resort and Spa in Negril, Jamaica.

The inaugural event will give international filmmakers of feature films, short films, and music videos the opportunity to showcase, compete, and promote their works that tease and heighten the senses of arousal.


EROTIKOS FILM FESTIVAL welcomes Israeli Producer Debi Oulu

Erotikos Film Festival proudly accepts a music video entry from Israeli artisan Debi Oulu.  Debi Oulu es un artista multidisciplinar internacional. Sus raíces se basan fuertemente en la escultura (arcilla, bronce, piedra, vidrio y plásticos) yet she continues to explore the way in which art can be a dynamic multi-directional conversation between people. Sus trabajos más recientes incluyen el videoarte.  Su arte evoca complejas capas de emociones. Debi Oulu lives in Israel.

My story is your story. It is the story of your partners, your parents, your boss, your co-workers, your friends, and your enemies. My story is all of our stories because if there is one thing that we all have in common, cross gender, cross race, cross world, it is our obsessive pre-occupation with our sexuality.

Not a day, nor hour (and for many a minute) goes by without us thinking in some connected way to our sexuality. There are many of us who deny or suppress this global truth, and there are just as many (more I hope), who don’t. I simply try to be as honest with myself as I can and to bring my viewpoint into the public eye through my art.

I define “sexual identity” as the “thing” that makes me tickwhat excites and arouses me. As a human being and an artist, I search for the “what” as well as the “why” and for the acceptance of “what is”. I believe that our sexual identity is somehow imprinted within us from birth. If we can discover, accept and explore our true sexual identities, we can then achieve a form of trueness with ourselves. When our “story” of who we are, and our inner trueness are the same, we are at peace.  I am attempting to walk along that path. My artwork is part of this exploration, with me and with you. My story cannot be complete without you. You, my dear partner/viewer/reader/friend, are as much a part of my art as I am.

I invite you to explore your sexual identity with me through my art.”  ~ Debi Oulu

The executive directors of the Erotikos Film Festival proudly welcomes Debi Oulu.

For more information about submitting a work to the Erotikos Film Festival, visitar event passes, interviews, resort accommodations, sponsorship and additional information on the Festival, visit www.erotikosfilmfestival.comemail or call in the US 213-293-5060. 



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