Last night I went to a Lecture at Hayarkon 19, by Nicola Trezzi – Thumbs up!

Usually when I hear of lectures on art, they always sound very interesting, but when I go, I am bored to death!  I will give you a spoiler – this was not one of those times.

3 early signs that this was worth my time:

  1.  The first sign of success was finding parking – not a small feat in Tel Aviv J
  2. The space Hayarkon 19, is AMAZING!  Kudos to the Midrasha !  The exhibition has some very interesting video art pieces – worth checking out!  (loved the title of the show “Royal Bitch”)
  3. Nicola looked and sounded just as sexy in person as he did on the internet.

I used the three points, because this was how Nicola structured the lecture – everything in threes – nice concept.  The lecture was accompanied by text on the screen which helped when his sexy accent made it difficult to understand.  There were also visual examples of the artists and the exhibitions he spoke about, which made the lecture easy to follow. 

I found myself inspired after the lecture to think of alternative spaces and how the space itself is so integral in the creative process of the art itself. 

And…… This is where most lectures fail…… Less than one hour!  Concise and not drawn out.

Best part of all; at the end…… no one asked long boring questions J

Thank you Nicola Trezzi, Midrasha School of the Arts, and Artport for putting this together.

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