Become the Art! Take part in an interactive media art piece for an upcoming exhibition!


In the Beginning……

On March 25th, in a night club in Tel Aviv, Israel – called Maxims, an alternative art group called “Oh My G*D” had an art party called, “I am not only a profile – the social network”.

As part of the evening, Debi Oulu opened a performance art where she had a room set up for people to come in and photograph themselves, or have their photo taken by Debi, with the knowledge that these pictures would be used in an art project and will be placed on the internet. Debi did not direct them, they needed to decide themselves what was “intimacy” to them. There were masks and scarves for their use.

This is what happened.


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Post a picture of an intimate part of your body (open for your interpretation).

Your picture with be used (anonymously) as part of an interactive art piece. In the beginning I will show the pictures online in a continuous loop.   Afterwards they will be part of an instillation piece to be shown this summer in an exhibit in Tel Aviv (afterwards to be taken to other countries to be show.).

The concept is to create an interactive multimedia piece dealing with how we connect to one another, and to ourselves. I hope this project will include as many people and countries as possible.

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Some guidelines:
Participate (free of charge) by uploading pictures below, or send by email to

– you must be 18 years or older to participate

– please send the pictures in .jpg .gif or .png format

– please send pictures at highest quality you can (up to 2mb)
– photo must be of you. Do not send photo’s of other people.
– Be creative! Be free! What is “intimate” to you?

Although it is optional, I would appreciate it if you could also include:
1) In order to receive updates on the project please include your email, or subscribe to this site, or “like” on my fan page .
2) If you could let me know what City and country you live in it would be great (just to know how far reaching a global project like this can be).

Thanks for your contribution! Spread the word!

*** note – to all of you who have already sent me your pictures – thank you – I will have them up and running shortly – check back soon 🙂 *****

More Information about the art project and its concept

Concept for project:

A room full of floating brains with penises and vagina’s attached to them (see picture below) all glowing like MRI pictures.

Sound: hundreds of mouse clicks clicking – click click click with underneath the sound of clicks a subtle sexual techno beat music.

On one wall or as many walls as possible pictures of intimate body parts that have been sent in from people from all over the world.

During the exhibit, people can go to the bathroom/ or photo booth (not sure technically how to solve this yet) and send an “intimate” picture with their cell phones and have it shown in almost real time at the exhibit.

Thoughts about the project:

The “users” in this room are both male and female (attached to the brains are both penises and vaginas), both have been reduced to their very essence: brain and sex and have no other physical existence.

The penises are even in limp form – showing utter passivity in the sexual process of voyeurism, looking at other peoples most intimate body parts.  The viewer/participant (those that have sent their pictures that are shown on the walls) are anonymously exposing themselves for public viewing – yet also in a way passive as there is no danger of exposure. What is the connection between the physical and the virtual world? How does is affect us in our actions and thoughts? How does it affect our sexuality online and offline?  I feel that this instillation arouses these questions in a very powerful way, and if the viewer participates by sending in a picture of them selves, they can personally experience part of this by entering anonymously into the installation and even seeing their own photo’s on the wall.

cyber sex, glass sculpture with colored led lighting

penis brain, glass sculpture, Debi Oulu

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