“Suck Me” – an interactive/ installation/performance piece

On December 5th, 2013 I created this installation piece in the bathroom of the Cat and Dog nightclub in Tel Aviv, Israel.  It was part of a group exhibition / art party by the group Oh My G-D.

The theme of the exhibition was “Shurot Shurot” – Lines Lines.  I decided to do the opposite- think outside of the lines.  For me the challenge was to create an installation piece that worked with the atmosphere of a loud night club, and with people while interested in art, were also interested in partying.

When I scoped out the place, I fell in love with the bathroom.  I liked the possibilities it opened up for me. Throughout the evening, I handed out lollypops in the shape of roosters, and invited people to “suck” them.  I also invited the men to “pee on my piece”  (if you look closely at some of the pictures of the urinals you will see what I mean. 🙂

After you view the pictures, I will explain the concept behind the piece.

The evening was magical!  I mean, how often do you get to go up to people and ask the to piss on your art work?   At one point in the evening, I looked around and almost every other person was busy sucking away on the suckers I had handed out to them.   Some people had taken them off the walls of the bathroom even!  I loved it!

I came dressed in all fake leather, with my nails painted the same colors as I painted the chicken feet.  On my head was a blue wig, and I felt as if I was strutting around like a rooster.  Peoples reactions were exactly what I was looking for – some tried to ignore the piece and wash their hands over it, others were shocked and a few disgusted, but most were intrigued.

Afterwards when I posted the pictures on facebook, I got some very strong comments from some people (mostly vegan) – only after I admitted to them that I too am vegan based in my diet, and that this piece stemmed from my desire for people to look at chickens in a more “human” way, did the hate comments stop. 

I found this piece so provoking, that I repeated it at another Art Party – This time it was much more minimalistic and dramatic, in my opinion….. the shock factor in this piece is very high…. who expects to see this in the bathroom?
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