“My Penis and I”

“My Penis and I” -My latest series of art works exploring my relationship to the penis. 2009- Present. I found that over the years, the male penis kept “appearing” in my art work. I finally decided that I need to delve deeper and explore my relationship to the penis. I find myself fascinated by my choice of objects – its universalism yet its uniqueness to each and every one of us. I am far from completing my exploration on this subject.

Why a penis? Everyone keeps asking – why does my art keep going back to the male member? If you had to choose one object that encompassed so many words and ideas and levels of consciousness, what would it be? A tree? A vase of flowers? Sheep? A naked woman? A naked man? A circle? Most artists tend to focus their art work on one basic theme and all their art is a repeat of the same theme with different versions. In order to understand the world, we must first understand one object, one concept, completely and thoroughly as it relates to me, you, the world. I have chosen the Penis. A very basic object – almost as basic as the circle, square and triangle, yet with so many versions and interpretations and levels of understanding, that I am sometimes daunted by my task. Working with the penis, I am never bored. I don’t think I will ever be able to say, “Been there, done that” when it comes to penis art. The dimensions will continue to show themselves to me the deeper I delve.

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4 thoughts on ““My Penis and I”

  1. Amazing gallery my dear artist…simply stunning…brings up (indeed) a big smile and joy. I am going to check some shapes and sizes now on my naked men gallery……………..

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