If EVER you have a chance to see the performance of HOMBRE VERTIENTE – Do It!

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was in my sweats feeling nice and cozy having a relaxing day.  A girl friend called and said she just received two tickets to a dance show at the Port in Tel Aviv – did I want to join her?  

I tried to find excuses why I should just stay home, but when I saw their promo, I realized that I HAD to go see this show.

It was the most multi-sensory experience I have ever had at a performance of any kind.  It combined: Dance, Sound, use of 3D space, costume, set, props, complex technical uses, lights, Story, Text, Interactive performance – and the final result was that every number was like an amazing huge modern day Dante Inferno painting  – yet moving and involving all your senses!


The Story – I felt I was inside the subconscious brain of a person other than me.  It was a trip in every sense of the word!

My first thought after the show was – I need to see it again – from a different point of view.  I sat where I could see wonderfully the whole show – it was amazing – but next time, (If I every have the opportunity to see them again), I will be standing in the front!

I would like to personally thank the entire crew of Hombre Vertiente – an amazing collaboration of different talents!



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